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Technical Parameters Units TBA-660 TBA-830
Height of centers
mm 330 420
Swing over bed
mm 660 840
Swing over cross slide
mm 470 560
Swing in gap
mm 850 1030
Bed width
mm 480 480
Distance between centers
mm 1500/2000/3000 4000/5000/6000 1500/2000/3000 4000/5000/6000
Spindle bore
Ømm Ø104 Ø104
Spindle nose
DIN55027 №11 №11
Number of speed
No. 3 3
Spindle speed range
rpm 15-2000 15-2000
Longitudinal feed range
mm/rev stepless stepless
Cross feed range
mm/rev stepless stepless
Metric thread range
mm stepless stepless
Inch thread range
tpi stepless stepless
Module thread range
Module stepless stepless
DP thread range
DP stepless stepless
Cross slide travel
mm 500 500
Top slide travel
mm 170 170
Quill diameter
mm 90 100
Quill travel
mm 240 240
Quill taper
Morse 6 6
Motor „x“
Nm 13 13
Motor „z“
Nm 17.5 17.5
Lubrication pump
kW 0.12 0.12
Main motor power
kW 15 15


  Standard Accessories & Equipment Optional Accessories & Equipment
  Main Motor
  3-jaw self-centering chuck
  Spindle bore
  4-jaw independent chuck
  Spindle nose DIN 55027
  Face plate without jaws
  El. Cabinet with control panel
  Follow rest
  Centralized lubrication system
  Steady rest
  Coolant system with pump
  Digital Read Out
  Low voltage machine lamp 12V
  One position longitudinal stop
  Monolith cast iron body and gap
  Thread chasing dial
  Back plate for universal chuck
  Taper turning attachment
  Full length rear splash guard
  Drive plate with turnning dogs
Tool holder protection screen
  Live (rotating) centre
 Splash guard for the chuck
  Drill chuck
 Protection of the lead shaft and screw
  Foot brake pedal
 „V“ belts set
  Increasing of the main motor power
 Leveling bolts – set
  Quck chabge tool post MultiFix
 Hexagonal wrenches set
  Electro-dynamic brake
 Dead centre for spindle
  Tailstock dead centre
 Reduction sleeve for the spindle
  Reduction sleeve for the tailstock
 Rapid traverse of the apron in 4 directions
  Cam-lock spindle execution