Technical Parameters Units UMM-2511 UMM-3215 UMM-4016
Table size
mm 250×1120 320×1350 400×1600
T – slots
mm 3x14x50 3x14x63 5x18x80
Longitudinal table travel
mm 820 1000 1250
Longitudinal table travel (automatic)
mm 800 980 1230
Distance from table top to
vertical spindle nose
mm 30-440 30-490 30-490
Spindle nose taper
ISO 40 50 50
Number of spindle speeds
No. 18 18 18
Spindle speed range
rpm 40-2000 32-1600 32-1600
Main motor power
kW 4 7.5 7.5
Feed motor power
kW 2.2 2.2 2.2
Machine weight
kg 1910 2780 2860


Standard Accessories & Equipment Optional Accessories & Equipment
Stepless regulation of the feeding
Digital readout system
Machine maintenance tool kit
Panel control of feedeing towards three axes
Working lighting
Digital readout of feeds for X and Y axes
Cooling System
Automatic cycle for longitudinal movement
Automatic lubrication
Protection of Y axis
Mechanism for longitudinal screw travel without backlash
Horizontal Swivel Vice
Rotary Index Table KDM320
Slotting Heads SG251, SG321
Universal Indexing Device UDA130, UDA170
Universal Milling Heads UFG285, UFG325
Vertical Milling Heads VFG281, VFG323