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Sirius-B Open Door
Sirius-B Open Door
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Technical Parameters SIRIUS-B SIRIUS-X
CNC Control
brand Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
Max. Sheet Size
mm 1000 x 2000 1500 x 3000
Max. Sheet Weight
kg 100 300
X-axis Travel
mm 2050 3050
Y-axis Travel
mm 1050 1550
Z-axis Travel
mm 120 150
Table Size
mm 1500×2500 2000 x 3500
Max. Positioning Speed X, Y-axis
m/min 80 120
Max. Positioning Speed Z-axis
m/min 30 30
Positioning Accuracy
mm ±0,025 ±0,025
Repeat Accuracy
mm/m ±0,05 ±0,05
Laser Type
type YLR YLR
Laser Source
brand IPG IPG
Laser Power (±2%)
kW 0,3 (0,5) 1 (1,5 ; 2)
Laser Range
% 10÷100 10÷100
Laser Output Stability
% ±1 ±1
Laser Wave Length
nm 1080 1080
Output Power Modulation Rate
Hz 5 5
Laser Cooling System
type Air (Water) Air (Water ; Water)
Cutting Capacity in Steel
mm 3 (5) 10 (12 ; 15)
Cutting Capacity in Stainless Steel
mm 1,5 (3) 10 (12 ; 15)
Cutting Capacity in Aluminum
mm 1 (1,5) 2 (2,5 ; 3)
Machine Size
mm 3700x2500x2000 8500x2800x2000
Machine Weight
kg 3000 7000


The Concept: The series Sirius is a high speed 2D laser cutting machine of maximum worksheet size 1050 x 2050 mm. The compact body of the machine is smartly designed to embody all necessary systems. The dust and the metal parts that remain after cutting go straight into dust particle collectors placed under the cutting table. The laser system is intended for small and medium size manufacturing enterprises.
The concept ”less is more” serves as basis of the design and manufacture of our fiber laser cutting systems. Оur desire is to create extremely compact machines requiring minimum working space as well as we implement them with high-tech components providing high speed, accuracy and high quality of cutting.
CNC Control: Mitsubishi CNC M720VW Series is a state-of-the-art model that provides high-speed and high-accuracy machining and advanced control technologies. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation technologies are condensed into a 64 bit RISC processor and an exclusively developed high speed LSI. The basic CNC functions, built-in PLC and graphic performance are all improved.
Servo Drivers: MDS-D-SVJ3 Series-Servo Drives. Ultra-compact drive units with built-in power supplies contribute to reducing control panel size. The connection between the drive unit and CNC is fast and reliable optical communication. A high-efficiency fin and low-loss power module have enabled unit downsizing, which also leads to a reduction in control panel size. The precise AC servo motors Mitsubishi Electric put up in motion X, Y and Z axis of the machine by helical rack pinion that ensures the extreme acceleration up to 10 m/s and velocity of 80m/min. HF Series-Medium inertia Motor. High-inertia machine accuracy is ensured. Suitable for machines requiring quick acceleration. Range: 0.5 to 9 kW. Maximum speed: 4,000 or 5,000 rpm. Supports three types of detectors with a resolution of 260,000, 1 million or 16 million p/rev.
Laser Source: The machines from series Sirius have been completed with fiber optic laser sources producedby IPG Photonics, series YLR (rack mount laser module) with power capacity of 300W and 500W.
Control Panel: An ergonomic control panel completed with implemented touch screen defines the machine as user-friendly. Thus provides the operator with easy access to working area and facilitate monitoring during the operation mode by the integrated Jog dial and fast access buttons on the control panel.
Cutting Head: The cutting head is equipped with capacity sensor responsible for the constant distance between the cutting head and the material. A unique electronic system is specially designed to keep safe and to prevent the cutting head from collision. In case of obstacle during the cutting operation the CNC stops the cutting ray and breaks the head movement. On the other hand, there is specially designed mechanical crash protector device that preserves the head from collision. The cutting head is product of company Precitec, model Light cutter for Sirius-B and Sirius-X. You have also the option to choose another cutting head – The HPSSL Plus, which is fully equipped with integrated and aligned sensor technology and motorized focus adjustment and it is trimmed for the highest productivity and quality.
CAD/CAM: Standard- Import DXF/DWG; Option – IGS, STL, HPGL, ESSI; Drawing Objects – Line, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Hatch, Barcode; Modify – Move, Rotate, Scale, Trim, Break, Erase, Mirror, Leadins, Leadouts Contour Tracing Loops, Bridges Copy XY, True Shape Nesting
Gas Control System: The machine is equipped with a system that automatically selects among 3 types of assistinggases and proportion valve for pressurecontrol, which is controlled automatically by the CNCcontrol unit. The operator chooses the assisting gas independence of the type of the processing material. The right assisting gas can be specified by the operator by using a preliminary created table with parameters.
Cooling System: Cooling system has an important role in working process of laser source and fiber optic delivery beam. The chiller for laser cutting machines series Sirius-B is incorporated in the machine body. For laser cutting machines series Sirius-X, the chiller is outside the machine framework.
Filtration System: The smoke and gas filtration system itself isrepresented by a closed cassette type filtration system that comprises of 5 different in type and functionality filters.
Dust Collection System: The dust and particle collection system comprises of 3 sections located just under the working table.