We are specialized in overhauling and retrofitting of conventional and CNC machine tools (lathes, milling machines, machining centers, grinders etc.).

Intensive use of machine tools over years causes wear of their parts what results in less accuracy and reliability in the production process. Frequent errors on the final product and beakdown of the machine become common, all of which contribute to increased production costs.

Machine tools retrofitting, repairing, overhauling is an economical solution with numerous benefits to their owners. It shortens the production cycles increases productivity and reduces spoilage thus decreases costs.

Once retrofitted and rebuilt by our experts older machine tools reached technological performance and new good look of a brand new machine.

A thorough remount of machine tool includes:

 • Grinding of hardened guideways of the machine
• Scraping the complete system of slides
• Guideway coating with Diamant, SKC or Turcyte artifical material
• Gibs are all new inserted
• Bearings, bushing, thread spindles with nuts, discs, belts, and other transmissions parts replaced
• Hydraulic parts replaced
• Central lubrication system repaired
• CNC control, drives and measuring system installed or replaced
• Programming and set-up of CNC controls (Siemens, Fanuc, Fagor, Hunor, NCT or Heidenhain)
• Complete new electrical wiring diagram made
• Wiring of the machine with end switches and micro switches
• Wiring and installation of electrical cabinets
• Programming and parameterization of PLC’s
• Optimization of motors and drives
• Ball-bar check of the accuracy
• Testing and work control
• Detailed protocol for the work done
We provide all this with a warranty period of 12 months!